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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions we are asked most often

Q: When will my computer be ready?
A: While we would love to give you an exact day and time of when your computer will be done, we are not able to.  We work on every machine in the order it was received.  We have several different techs working each day on up to 10 different machine each day.  This makes it impossible to promise a specific return time.  We can promise you, that we work on each machine as quickly as possible to get it back to as soon as we can.  We do also offer onsite appointments if you are unable to wait your turn in line.

Q: Can I call/come in/email/ to see if my computer is done?
A: PLEASE, NO!  If everyone calls us just once a day, we are spending time answering and researching the status of your computer.  Often, the person answering the phone is NOT the tech working on your machine.  That means that person has to spend the time to find the status of your computer, instead of working the machine is he assigned to.  We ask that you PLEASE do not call us, but wait for us to call you to inform you of when you computer is completed.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.